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Should You Be Joining the Clubhouse App?

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

I joined Clubhouse over a week ago and after clicking around, jumping in and out of rooms, joining different clubs, I've developed an honest opinion on whether or not you need to join this new social app. One thing to note: this app is INVITE ONLY! Which let's be real, only enticed me even more...


What is Clubhouse?

The creators of this new social app describe it as a place where people can join together to "talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time." That pretty much sums it up, but from my experience, it kind of works like a live podcast where you can network with other like-minded people and essentially follow each other to deepen a connection or support each others' businesses.

The interactions are all through audio, no video - your profile picture shows up instead so people know who's talking. You can link your Instagram and your Twitter on your profile, which people can easily find once you start interacting in the app.

The app is still in its beta testing, that’s why it’s invite only! To begin, you can download the app and sign up to reserve your username, but the only way to get in is to be sent an invite from a user who is already in the app. Once you receive this code, you can get access and start your journey. You begin with choosing topics that interest you - and let me tell you, there is every topic you can think of!


These topics will be used to recommend Clubs that you can follow and even become members of - I'm a member of Female Marketers, Women in Business, Brand Your Influence, and Social Media Mavens to name a few, but I follow over 20 different clubs within the marketing, social media, beauty, fashion, and even books topics!

You can also search within the app for specific topics you want to listen to and see if any clubs were made, if not, make your own club!


Based on the Clubs you follow and/or are a part of, you will get notifications on rooms that are either going live or being scheduled with the topic the moderators will be discussing. In this case, Rooms feel like a hybrid of a live podcast and a panel of moderators. Depending on the Room you're in, the moderators will speak amongst themselves and spill knowledge about the topic of the room, or they will bring people up from the "audience" onto the "stage" to ask questions and interact directly with them.

In the main feed of the social app, you will also be suggested other Rooms from clubs you might not be a part of, but that align with your interests. You'll never be bored or run out of Rooms to be in!


This aspect of Clubhouse is probably one of the big reasons this new social app is so popular. When participating in Rooms, often the moderators will network with each other - so if you start hosting Rooms, you'll definitely be earning followers and supporters that way. However, even if you're in the "audience," you can network with other listeners as well as the moderators through 1) following them on Clubhouse and 2) following them on Instagram and either reaching out to them in their dms or dropping a comment on one of their posts saying you're coming from Clubhouse.

Another great thing is you can promote your business and the services you offer - any courses, free templates, small businesses, etc.

My Experience

As I said previously, I've been on the app for a little over a week and in my opinion - I love this app. Within 9 days, I've already learned so many tips and tricks related to Instagram growth, branding your business, the power of hashtags, and so much more.

Every morning at 8:00 am EST, the Influencer Collection club hosts "Morning Motivation: Affirmations + Daily Goals," and although I never spoke in this Room, the inspiration I get from these powerful and strong women is amazing. It starts my day on the right foot because I'm hearing multiple positive affirmations in which many apply to myself and it lets me put them out into my own world and manifest them for myself. I also listen to many Instagram Growth Q&As and marketing-related chats which always give great advice in which I can use for myself, as well as my freelance clients.

I‘ve only spoken a few times on the app, either to ask questions or to pitch what I do, but I love the community feeling you get after speaking. First off, everyone is super insightful and you’ll get the best advice. Second, when you speak, people are more enticed to click on your profile and start supporting you. So definitely don’t be afraid to speak up!

On the networking side of things, I've reached out to many people on Instagram, letting them know I found them on Clubhouse and have received many mutual followers that we now support each other. It helps build your community and interact with fellow people in the business you're in.

Should You Join Clubhouse?

I'll be very direct with this because I've been rambling on.

If you're interested in business, yes.

If you're interested in learning, yes.

If you like listening to podcasts, yes. (you don’t need to speak, you can stay in the audience and just listen!)

If you want to network, but are too shy to show your face, yes.

If you want to build a community with like-minded people, yes.

I 100% recommend joining Clubhouse. This new social app has truly made me more motivated to work and to learn. It also pushes me outside of my comfort zone and ask questions that I usually would just Google and receive a generic answer. This way, I can communicate with essentially experts in the field, as well as others learning just like me.

I do have 4 extra invites, so feel free to dm me on Instagram if you need an invite!

Note: I think this might only be for iPhones at the moment.


Find me here!

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