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How to Make 2021 Your Best Year

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

I started off this blog post with the thought of listing New year resolutions, but then I thought, when do I ever keep those promises to myself? So instead, I'm going to speak about things I want to manifest in 2021 to ensure that I can make it my best year yet!

I'm taking you along for the ride so that maybe this post inspires you to do the same - and it'll hold me accountable to always check myself and make sure I'm on the path I want to be on!

2021 Resolutions: How to Make 2021 Your Best Year

With a disaster of a year like 2020 was, I'm choosing to enter 2021 with a new mindset. I am grateful to still be here alongside my friends and family, grateful to have a job, and grateful to be doing things I love. I'm choosing to look at everything with a positive, yet realistic mind, and to manifest the things I want out of life.


Make a Vision Board

This may sound silly to some of you, but making a vision board is a proven way to manifest what you want. Although the things that you are trying to manifest may not happen this year in particular, the work you put in and the passion you feel for it will definitely help you progress to achieving that goal. I chose to do a digital version, but you might want to do a physical one using printed pictured from online or magazine cutouts to really get your hands dirty and hold what you want to attain.

In my vision board, I put a few random things that inspire me and that I would like to do throughout the year:

  • Fashion and makeup trends I would love to try

  • Outdoor picnics in the summer

  • Hanging out with friends and loved ones more

  • Travelling to Europe (hopefully it'll be safe to do so!)

  • Office desk to remind me of all the projects and jobs I'm working on to achieve success

  • Luxury items I would love to splurge on to treat myself

  • Books to inspire me to read more throughout the year

  • Take more baths and light candles for more self-care

  • A woman working out to push me to attain my fitness goals

  • Finally, a quote to motivate me to grow and push past the uncomfortableness I may feel when taking certain risks because, at the end of it, the outcome will be worth it!

This leads me to my next tip...

Write a List

This tip already puts you at an advantage, because you developed the intent to actually achieve what you're trying to manifest.

Write everything you want to manifest down on a piece of paper - it can be in a journal that you constantly write it or even on a post-it that you can stick to the wall, but make sure it's in a place that you will constantly see it! The key to manifesting what you want is to see it constantly so that your subconscious is able to learn it and use it when you're making decisions, even if you don't know it's happening!

Writing a list will also keep you accountable for all the goals you want to achieve, thus pushing you to actually work for them. As the Subconscious Servant puts it, writing and looking at the list allows you to put more focus and attention into manifesting those goals to come true.

Put in the Work

Sure, you've put everything you want to achieve out into the Universe, you've written down your goals and constantly read them over, but you won't get anywhere if you don't put in the work to help you achieve these goals. You need to cater some of your decisions toward achieving this goal.

Let's say one of your goals is to travel to Spain, how will you achieve it? Well, you need to start saving money, which requires the discipline to not spend as much money on other items that aren't necessities, like food, clothing, etc. You're consciously making the decision to spend less in order to see toward travelling to Spain, and by doing so, you may be able to achieve your goal faster than if you were to have simply listed it and waited for the Universe to help you manifest it.

The bottom line is, only YOU can make 2021 YOUR best year yet. Following these tips will definitely help, but you need to want to achieve and manifest it.


I would love to hear any tips you have on achieving personal goals or any manifestation stories!

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Katherine Perrone
Katherine Perrone
Jan 10, 2021

Yes!! I love creating them just to visualize my goals for the year


Vision board... never thought of that! I think that's exactly what I need :')

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