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What To Wear When You Don't Know What To Wear

Updated: Jan 14

The number of times I wake up in the morning and have no idea what I'll wear for the day happens way more often than you might think. Whether before school, work, or even before a big event, sometimes you just can't piece together an outfit.

Rather than stressing out every time this happens, I've put together a few go-to outfits you can easily throw on before any particular event and still look put together. A lot of the pieces I'll be speaking about are closet staples that will probably be a part of your fall capsule wardrobe. So, it'll be easy to pair any of the pieces together to dress up or dress down a look.

Bonus: I've also included menswear in this post; so let me know if you'd like me to include more men's outfit inspiration in future posts!


What To Wear: School Edition

What To Wear: School Edition | School Chic 2023 | Katherine Perrone

The beauty of styling your outfits for the fall season is that you can throw on a comfy oversized sweater and people will still call your look chic. The key to piecing together an easy outfit for school is to stick with neutral colors.

School chic women and men's outfit ideas | Katherine Perrone Blog

Women's Look: Sweater, Jeans, Sneakers, Bag

Men's Look: Sweater, Jeans, Sneakers, Backpack

Opt for an oversized neutral-colored sweater and pair it with your favorite straight-leg jeans. If you want to go the extra mile, you can layer a button-up under your sweater for a more polished look. For shoes, put on a trusty pair of sneakers or some mini Uggs to seal the comfy-chic look!

What To Wear: Workwear Edition

What To Wear: Workwear Edition | Back To Work 2023 | Katherine Perrone

I can easily tell you to go for the oversized blazer look, but to give you different inspiration, I'm recommending the loafer and dress pant combo. What's great about this outfit formula is you can really customize it and dress it up or down depending on your work's dress code.

Back to work women and men's outfit ideas | Katherine Perrone Blog

Women's Look: Coat, Blouse, Pants, Loafers, Work Bag

Men's Look: Polo, Trousers, Loafers, Tote Bag

For a smart casual look, opt to pair your loafers with some wide or straight-leg dress pants. Add some dimension by layering the top portion of your outfit; either with a sweater and trench coat combo, a half-tucked button-up shirt, or go for a unique polo if it's warm where you live. Don't forget - the key to elevating any look is to accessorize, so add some jewelry and a chic work bag to complete your outfit!

What To Wear: Night Out Edition

What To Wear: Night Out Edition | Night On The Town 2023 | Katherine Perrone

What's a guaranteed way to dress up any outfit? Add some leather! As I mentioned previously, you should be sticking to neutrals when you're in a time crunch to find an outfit. So, when it comes to a night out look, most of you will gravitate toward all-black or darker colours outfits, but to spice things up, opt for leather pieces to add some texture to your look.

Night On The Town outfit ideas for women and men | Katherine Perrone Blog

Whether it be through a jacket layered over top, straight-leg pants, or a fun mini skirt to add some dimension - leather is a sure way to elevate your look. When going with basic leather bottoms, you can opt for more interesting tops as well to add some interest to the look - a corset, asymmetric cuts, or textured polos and dress shirts for men. Pair them with dressier accessories, like some heeled tall boots or sleek Chelsea boots for men, layer on some statement jewelry, and maybe even a pop of color for your handbag!


Do you have any outfit combinations that are your go-to when you don't know what to wear? Comment them below to give others some more inspiration!

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