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3 Stylish, Yet Comfortable Work From Home Outfits

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

As the weather starts to get warmer, the urge to wear my spring and summer clothes grows stronger - yet I'm stuck working from home with nowhere to wear them. But then I thought, what's really stopping me from wearing these clothes? The fact that I want to be comfortable? The laziness of not wanting to put on real pants since no one will see them anyway?

So I went on a mission to find the most stylish outfits that will make me feel amazing, but also comfortable while I sit in my room all day and work!


Split Hem Pants

Let's start off simple - this style goes from yoga pants to actual trousers! They're so effortlessly chic and super comfortable. What's great about this clothing piece is that you can style it up or down depending on the mood you're in - pair it with your slippers if you're just not feeling it that day, or throw on a pair of comfy mules to make yourself feel like THAT bitch!

Wide Leg Pants

Speaking of comfort... these wide, flowy pants will make you feel put together, but also give your legs room to move. You won't feel constrained, which will definitely help make you feel more comfortable. Pair it with a chic high neck top to feel put together and professional. Try a fun print to boost your mood and get into the spring and summer spirit!

Midi Skirts

The ULTIMATE work from home comfy fit - what's better than not wearing any pants? Let your legs be free and feel a little fancy while you work. I know skirts aren't that fancy, but let's face it, we've all been wearing sweatpants or yoga pants while we work. Wearing something so free and lively will put you in the best mood!


Who says you can't look cute for yourself while you work? I'll definitely be wearing these outfits when I need a little extra push to feel motivated to work from home!

Will you be sticking with matching sweat sets or changing up your style to actually wear other clothes from your closet?


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