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From Runway to Real Life: How to Wear the Latest Spring Trends

There's a snowstorm happening outside as I write this, so I'm currently dreaming of warm weather, flowers blooming, and not having to ruin every outfit with an oversized winter coat. With that being said, I've been spending time browsing blogs and social media to start planning my Spring wardrobe!

From the romantic feminine to playing with bolder materials, I guarantee you'll find your next style inspiration within these seven trends.


The Essentials Are Back

Although oversized, baggy clothing is not going anywhere just yet, the trend is slowly shifting toward more minimal, yet elevated tailored basics that everyone should have in their wardrobe. As people pull back on buying into trends, they're realizing that what's missing in their closet to avoid pre-night out meltdowns are key essential items that are easy to pull together, fit well, and have a quality that will last a lifetime.

Think, taking what's trending now, like low-rise skirts and blazers, but making them cleaner and well-suited for your body shape. People are placing more importance on buying durable and versatile pieces that will last longer and be easy to throw together.

Brands like Dynamite and Madewell have launched collections dedicated to bringing back the essentials!

Metallic Mavens

This trend screams "silver is the new black!" Metallics were popular toward the end of Fall/Winter 2022 to tie into the richness of the Holidays, but it made a reappearance on the Spring 2023 runway. People are opting to choose a metallic clothing item and treating it as a more fun staple, like a pair of silver pants.

This is of course a statement piece, which contrasts the previous trend, but by gravitating toward lighter shades of metallics, it's becoming more wearable for daytime events.

To make this more wearable, choose one piece out of your outfit to showcase the metallic trend. If you choose a metallic top, pair it with a pair of jeans or a minimal skirt. If you're loving the silver pants trend, opt to wear a basic tee and you can even layer with an oversize blazer or moto jacket.

Denim Everything

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were the blueprints! The runway was filled with head-to-toe denim outfits, but rather than seeing your basic pair of jeans and a trusty denim jacket, they highlighted structure, contrasting silhouettes, and statement hardware.

This trend is so strong that you'll find it in every category - whether it be a classic top, statement boot, or even a handbag, you can fit this trend into your wardrobe very easily!

We've all worn some mix of denim before, but how can we dial it up? Swap in different cuts and silhouettes from what you're used to and treat them as more statement pieces rather than your usual staples. Opt for a denim tube top, structured dress, or maxi skirt *hint hint*.

Feminine Frills

These past few years have been so focused on styling menswear in women's fashion, but we're slowly gravitating to a more romantic, feminine style. Think delicate fabrics, touches of frills and ruffles, and an overall ethereal vibe - goddess energy, anyone?

Inspired by romanticism, this trend pulls in vintage elements with a modern twist. The movement caused by the frills exudes divine feminine energy that will have watchers tripping over themselves while trying to get a better look at you! Overall, romantic, feminine fashion is all about creating a soft, dreamy aesthetic through delicate fabrics, soft colors, and flowy mermaid vibes.

Going out for brunch? Pair a frilly blouse with a classic pair of straight-legged denim jeans and a comfy mule heel for that perfect, chic look. If you want to go the extra mile, try a more feminine, romantic look with a full frilly dress and match it with dainty, delicate accessories to make the dress shine.

Sheer Luxury

All hail 90's mesh fashion! Following the vibes of the previously mentioned feminine fashion, sheer and mesh clothing intends to play off the ethereal vibes, while also showcasing high confidence and a little bit of sex appeal.

What is most beautiful about this trend is the way the material drapes against everyone's bodies in a sort of effortless way. Depending on how risky you like to play with your fashion, you can opt for a sheer layering piece or go full "free the nip" and make a true statement!

You can start small with a sheer long-sleeved too that you can pair with a minimal bralette to give off a subtle, yet sexy vibe. You don't have to go to the extreme of a full mesh dress if you're not comfortable, instead, you can layer it underneath a more oversized leather jacket or blazer!

Make It Maxi

One of the more drastic changes I've noticed with upcoming Spring fashion trends is the switch from the micro mini skirt to going full-length maxi! Simply put, it's comfortable, versatile, and will work during any season.

Tying into the 90's minimalist trend, a maxi skirt is enough of a statement to be paired with key basics that will put together an elegant look. One way to wear the trend without going full conservative is to find skirts with slits, asymmetric cuts, or hardware to help them stand out even more.

The key to pulling off this trend without making yourself look short & stumpy is to pair your maxi skirt with tailored tops, outerwear, and shoes. Try a sleek, knee-high boot with a long denim skirt to emphasize the illusion of long legs. If you're rocking a maxi cargo skirt, keep it simple with a fitted baby tee to add curves to your look.

Feeling Green

Now, I'm not sure if this color trend is one I'm completely sold on, but I am so supportive of the message behind it. Although it's a bold statement, it's also an ode to having a bright, mood-boosting palette that is often tied to the summer - think margaritas by the beach!

It's a unique staple that can be very wearable and trend-forward when styled correctly!

You can start by pairing a go-to jeans and bodysuit outfit with a chartreuse-colored heel for a subtle pop of color. If you're more daring with your fashion, opt for a bold, 2 piece outfit set that show-stopping effect!


Overall, Spring 2023 fashion trends are predicted to be a mix of classic pieces with a modern twist, divine feminine energy, bold colors, and choosing pieces that can be versatile and last in the long term. Whatever your personal style, there will be plenty of options to choose from to update your wardrobe for the season.

Which of these 7 trends will you be trying in the Spring? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Kat ♡


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