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What to Wear to these 5 Summer Events

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

With the world opening up so late into the summer season, we'll collectively be making the most out of these last few weeks What does that mean? Hanging out every weekend, weeknight, and whenever else were busy! I got you covered with some outfit inspiration for 5 very specific, yet recurring 2021 summer events.

What to Wear to these 5 Summer Events | 2021 summer fashion style inspiration | picnic, date night, city life, beach day, backyard hangouts
Picnics in the Park

The ultimate cottagecore fantasy mixed with puffy sleeves, pastels, ditsy florals, and fresh flowers! Stick to wearing something flowy and comfortable, cause you'll be eating tons of good food!

Wear your hair is a stylish high ponytail to get it out of your way and apply some light and dewy makeup to stay looking fresh. Don't forget the most iconic photo prop - a bouquet of flowers!


Romanticizing your own city by taking a tour by yourself in town!

Something that has really stuck with me this year is the idea of romanticizing your surroundings - which is why taking a tour of your own city is a wonderful way to do so! Take on the town which some casual and basic pieces to keep you comfy, yet stylish!

I love the tip of wearing baggier clothes with a tinier piece to balance everything - the inspo shows wide leg trousers with a tight crop top, or an oversized button up with short cut off shorts. Pair your look with a trendy bubble ponytail and some more glam makeup - you're ready to take Instagram pics all day!


Beach day with the girls; Positano aesthetic, Europe trip

Going to the beach or pool has become a new spot for the fashion show fantasy - people dress UP! 3 piece bathing suit sets have been all the rage this season, along with any funky prints (especially 70s prints) that you can imagine! Aim for a cute wrap skirt that matches your bikini or a fun cutout one piece to edge up your look.

Keep yourself protected from the sun with a fun bucket hat and some stylish sunglasses! Tip: wear your hair in some quirky pigtail braids so that after it gets wet, you'll remove them to reveal beautiful beach hair waves.


Chilling in your backyard in comfy clothes, reading a book, and relaxing with friends.

Personally, I've been spending any time I can in my backyard - whether it be while I'm working from home or just to real on the weekends away from my screen. If you're chilling in your backyard for alone time or having friends over for a casual hang, sweatshorts and linen shorts will be your best friends.

Category is: comfort. Try a matching shorts loungewear set to keep you comfortable, but still feeling put together! Grad your iced coffee, the book you're currently reading (mine is "One of Us is Next" if you're wondering), and get ready to listen to nothing but the birds chirping!


Date night with a view; Italian summer

It's the summer, what restaurant are you going to if there isn't a view involved??? Head to your nearest terrasse (or patio if you're not from Montreal) and wear your tight mini dress now!

The trending categories for date night wear are matching sets, mesh, cut outs, bold pattern and colors, and a whole lot of heels - we've been stuck inside wearing slippers for too long!



What's your favourite thing to do in the Summer? And what vibe out of these five is your favourite? Comment below!

So sorry I've been a little MIA lately, I haven't had time to write and I didn't want to force myself to produce quick blog posts just for the sake of publishing content. I don't want this to become a chore, so I'm staying true to myself and writing whenever I'm inspired. I hope that's okay with you!

Thanks for reading!

Kat ♡


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