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How to Wear Summer 2021's Color Trends

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

If you haven't already noticed, 2021 has been all about color and the fashion industry is going in full force this summer! However, I know how scary wearing colors can be for some people, so I decided to break down each of the most trendy summer 2021 colors and let you know how you can wear them!

These are partly inspired by Pantone's 2021 Fashion Color Palette and partly by color trends I see all over social media that give me heart eyes.


Starting off with what seems to be the most popular color for spring and summer fashion!

The easiest way to wear lavender is to pair it with a white clothing item to keep the look super clean and summery! Somehow all these images have lavender bottoms, but pair a crisp pair of white wide-leg trousers and a lavender halter top - *chef's kiss!*

I'm so happy that color blocking is trendy again because sage green and lavender are such a pretty pairing! Think of the Joker, but soft HAH! Jokes aside, this color combo just makes me feel happy at how bright and colorful they are together.

Come on monochrome! Remember when wearing anything monochrome besides black used to be considered tacky and childish? Honey, lavender paired with any shade of purple is truly a dream! Not sure why, but this color combination reminds me of fairies - it's just stunning!

Sage & Light Green

Paired these two together to stay in the green family, but boy does the fashion industry love an earthy tone!

Pair light green black clothing pieces to create a "cool girl" contrast to your outfit. Your sage green clothing will definitely stand out against the darkness of this beautiful color!

Another fun way to spice up your light green outfits is to incorporate prints! We've seen a huge boost in printed fashion trends that have been heavily influenced by the 60's and 70's and I am HERE for it! It's such a simple, yet stand-out method to show yourself rocking this hot summer color.

Speaking of influences from prior decades, the pink and light green combination just screams Y2K (which is the year 2000). This combination is a little...louder, to say the least, but it's definitely a fun option!


When I think of summer, I automatically think of all things yellow - it's just such a bright, happy color!

A classic combination is anything yellow and blue! Grab a pair of light denim or sky blue pieces to pair with your yellow clothes, it's so summery!

Yellow and beige is the perfect combination for anyone who loves wearing neutrals, but wants to branch into wearing more color. These colors remind me of the beach - oh to be on vacation right now!

For something a little girlier, try pairing your yellow clothing items with anything pink. It gives off a soft vibe, while still maintaining the trendy color blocking theme this summer!


Orange is just THAT color - it looks beautiful on everyone and gives off that summer golden hour vibe!

Helloooo creamsicle vibes! Bright orange paired with crisp white pieces just remind me of vacation! The boldness and richness of the color contrasting against pure white will have you exuding confidence!

You already know I had to add this color combination! Orange and blue looks amazing together because they're complimentary colors - the pairing is so bold, yet so beautiful on the eyes!

Orange and yellow are the epitome of summer colors. Pair your orange clothing items with anything yellow to give off that beautiful summer sunrise feel!


I hope you're loving the fashion blog post, they're so fun for me to create! What's your favorite color to wear? How do you like to style it?

Thanks for reading!

Kat ♡


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