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Canadian Micro Fashion Bloggers Who Inspire Me

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

As I've been growing as a fashion blogger myself, I've tried to find Canadian influencers whose Instagram content inspires me - firstly, because they have the same seasonal wardrobe changes as me, and secondly, to support other fellow Canadians!


Starting off strong with this fellow Montreal blogger! Sarah posts about body positivity and shares a ton of fashion content, completely aligned with what I'm trying to do with my Instagram! I love how she keeps it real and wears whatever she wants, no matter what the haters say!

This Vancouver babe shares her #OOTD pictures daily and I'm obsessed with her style! She's a fellow midsize/curve fashion blogger, so I love seeing how certain styles fit her body type to inspire my future purchases.

Another fashion influencer based in Montreal; her editing style makes her posts so cozy and welcoming. Her style is very cozy, yet effortlessly chic - something I aspire to portray!

Helloooo to a fellow midsize fashion blogger from Toronto! Jadzia's outfits are so vibrant, colourful, and on-trend - really inspirational for the outfits I want to put together. She looks bomb in everything and wears it with such great confidence, you can't help but love her content!

Keeping up the Montreal theme, Vanessa always shares very pinterest-esque fashion. I personally have been loving her colourful spring feed and can't wait to see more colours for the summer!

Last, but not least, this Montreal blogger has such a cool vibe to put it simply. Her feed matches any current trend and her style is so simple, yet chic. I'm really excited to see her Spring and Summer feed flourish!


Who are your favourite influencers from Canada that you love to get inspiration from?


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