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Why I Switched To Digital Planning

I've always been a super organized, Type A person, so planners and note taking has always been a huge priority in my life. When I was in university, I decided to buy an iPad Pro to use as a mini laptop for all my studying and note taking needs while in class. This truly changed the game for me.

I loved using my iPad as I was still able to handwrite notes and plan my days while acquiring so many benefits from going paperless.

So, here's why I think you should stop using paper planners and notebooks and switch to the digital world!



Paperless Is Better For The Environment

Do you remember where all your old school notebooks and half-used planners are? They're probably in the trash or you're hoarding them because you're not sure where to put them. First, this causes so much waste, even if you're recycling them. Second, if you're hoarding them in your house, you most likely won't be using them and this is causing additional clutter that you can part with.

Sustainability is a huge trend in our society and using a digital planner is such an easy and effective solution to start helping our environment!

iPad Digital Planner | Student Study Planner | Project Management Templates

It's Fully Customizable

I've always had difficulty finding the perfect planner for my needs - there are always extra elements that I don't plan on using or sections I wish were included to make the paper planner perfect for my needs.

A digital planner can be fully customized to fit your needs as you can either create your own templates or just skip out on the elements you won't use without feeling guilty for wasting paper. It also helps feed your creativity as you can choose custom colors, stickers, and elements you want to include to suit your lifestyle and personality!

iPad Aesthetic Home Screen | Monthly Workout Calendar Template | Digital Planner Template

Always Accessible & Practical

While using an iPad to take notes and plan your days, it is so easy to take with you on the go and have everything in one place. I've personally used my iPad for school, work, freelance projects, and content creation wherever I am and within the same app where I can organize my notes in a manner that fits my needs!

As stated previously, digital planners are super practical since you can customize the templates you use to fit what you need at that moment. Whether you want to use it to plan your day vs. week, create a workout schedule, meal prep, or just need a simple to do checklist - there are so many templates that you can create or choose from! And the best part about it? If you mess anything up, you can simply delete it and start over without having a mess of white-out and eraser shavings everywhere!

On The Go iPad | Planning Digitally

Cost-Effective In The Long Run

If you're more on the simple side, the cost of digital planning is just one-time purchase. Sure, you need to get a tablet that you can write on which is a bigger expense, but then you'll only spend at most $10 for a note-taking app. Whereas if you continue to use paper planners and notebooks, you'll need to continuously buy them along with the tools you need, such as pens, highlighters, white-out, erasers, tabs, etc.

The additional charges that may come with digital planning are more related to finding templates that will be perfect for your needs if you don't want to create it yourself; and most of the time, these templates are super affordable!

Going Paperless | Paperless Planning & Note Taking

Your Notes Are Searchable

This may be my favorite feature in Goodnotes - you can search your notes and planners to find exactly what you're looking for. Within your notes, the app recognizes the words you're writing and allows you to search for a particular section or term you need to find.

What's great about this is you can also export your notes into a PDF and it'll still be a searchable document! This is especially great for students who need to use their notes for studying or assignments as they don't need to flip through pages and pages of notes to find what they're looking for!

Looking for template inspiration?

Once I switched to digital planning and note-taking, I also became passionate about creating custom templates to share with you all! Choose from templates based on daily, weekly, or monthly planning; work-related project management and notes; or templates that will help make your school study sessions even easier!

[y/n] The Label Planner & Organizational Templates

Start your digital journey now and browse all my templates here!


What would you use your tablet for? Writing pretty study notes, planning your weeks ahead, or for all your quick reminders while you're on the go? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Kat ♡


Find me here!

[y/n] The Label by Katherine Perrone | Digital Planner & Organizational Templates

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