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The Biggest 2022 Fashion Trends

I've been away from blogging for a hot minute, but my deep-dive Pinterest browsing has never been stopped! As I found myself looking through the endless amounts of Influencer style posts and runway looks that pop up in my feed, I had the idea to forecast this year's upcoming fashion trends! So, I took to my Pinterest boards, like my Fall & Winter Fashion, shoes, and accessories ones, headed over to Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Forbes, and of course, visited some of my favorite blogs, like WhoWhatWear, to compile a long list of trends I'm personally predicting will blow up this year.

Because the list I gathered was so long, this will be part one of the biggest 2022 fashion trends! Be sure to sign up to get notified when I post part two.


2022 Fashion Biggest Trends Forecast
2022 Fashion Biggest Trends Forecast


Low Rise Everything

Early 2000s low rise denim, low rise skirt, low rise pants | 2022 fashion forecast | 2022 style fashion trends

The early 2000s called and they said they're BACK BABY! Aside from the many trends arising that are inspired by this decade's fashion, low rise skirts, pants, and denim is going to be huge this year.

Personally, for a midsize gal like myself with some insecurity with showing my stomach (which I'm sure I'm not alone in this), but an easy way to wear this trend while adding some coverage to this area is to rock the "fake thong" or tied waist styles where straps rise above the low rise hem to accentuate your hips (like these brown flared pants from Garage). So grab your old Motorola, slip into some comfy low rise flared pants, and let's take on the day!

Here's some inspiration! Click on the images to shop:

Feather Details

Feather Details | Feather Outfit Inspiration | 2022 fashion forecast | 2022 style fashion trends

Fun, flirty, and feathered; this trend started becoming more popular in Fall 2021 and we've seen it spread into SS22 runway looks! This trend is great to style up for a dressy night out with a pair of strappy heels and a mini bag or to spice up your classic jeans and a nice top combo.

Feathers add a beautiful texture to any basic outfit - I've even seen Abby Silverman's TikTok of creating your own detachable feather wrist add-ons to add this trend to any outfit!

Here's some inspiration! Click on the images to shop:

Bold Colors & Prints

Bright & Bold Color Outfits | Bold Patterned Prints on Runway Fashion | 2022 fashion forecast | 2022 style fashion trends

We're jumping into 2022 bolder & brighter; we've seen so much color in 2021 in the height of finally feeling some freedom from the pandemic, but as we inch closer and closer to (hopefully) overcoming it, so many people are using fashion to express their joy, excitement, and self-confidence.

Wearing a bold color or print makes a loud statement - it lets you be the main character you KNOW you are! The key to wearing such daring colors or patterns is to either start out by wearing a statement bag or pair of bright-colored shoes to ease into it; then you can go on to color block and wear matching printed sets!

Here's some inspiration! Click on the images to shop:

Catsuits Galore

Patterned, Bold, and Trendy Catsuits | Celebrities in Catsuits & Jumpsuits | Skims Catsuits | 2022 fashion forecast | 2022 style fashion trends

To all of you reading this, how many of you are wearing sweats or pj's? Yup, thought so! The upcoming catsuit craze was designed for those that seek comfort in the midst of working from home, but still want to look put together.

There are so many different ways that you can rock a catsuit (a.k.a. a unitard), from dressing it down with chunky sneakers and a belt bag to run some errands to slipping on a pair of pointed toe pumps and a sleek top handle bag for a night on the town - whatever you're doing, a catsuit makes it so easy to put an outfit together with such minimal effort!

Here's some inspiration! Click on the images to shop:

Glitter Glamour

Glitter Boots, Heels, Suits | Shimmering Bag | Sequin Dress | Glitter Trend | 2022 fashion forecast | 2022 style fashion trends

Here's the fun part about this trend, glitter & shimmering fashion are being released at any time of the year, not just for the holidays! Again, people just want to have fun with their fashion and express themselves as they're finally allowed to leave the house and do what they like!

You can definitely make a statement in an all glitter suit or mesh shimmering boots, but for a more subtle look, go for a glitter top and pair it with some wide leg denim jeans and some fun white booties. It's time for you to shine!

Here's some inspiration! Click on the images to shop:

Gloves Galore

I've mostly seen this upcoming trend amongst Instagram fashion bloggers with the chokehold that living the Parisian fantasy has on us all. I think these sheer and lace gloves are perfect for adding some texture to a simple night out outfit - they add the perfect amount of drama and glamour that everyone needs in their life!

I just know that if you slipped on a pair of black lace gloves, a satin dress, and some gorgeous lace-up heels, you'd feel like a goddess. And you better take a picture to show the world how confident and beautiful you are!

Here's some inspiration! Click on the images to shop:


Overall, most trends this year are deeply influenced by everyone

a) wanting to be the main character of their life, and

b) wanting to romanticize their life to continuously see the beauty in it.

So, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone this year and experiment with your fashion. You're not alone in wanting to be expressive with what you wear and fashion is part of your identity, so it's a great method for self-expression!

Be sure to comment below the trends you're most excited to wear this year!

Thank you for reading!

Kat ♡


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